THE ATLAS MOTH Unveils Debut

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chicago’s THE ATLAS MOTH unveil their epic full-length debut, A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky via Candlelight/Battle Kommand on October 20. An awesome metallic hybrid of sludge, doom, psychedelia and blues, TAM are a unique beast, and prove it on the eight expansive tracks that make form this, their debut full-length.

With influences ranging from the DEFTONES to NEUROSIS, CAVE IN to QUICKSAND, and pulling in pieces from all that is heavy in between, THE ATLAS MOTH`s swamp-worthy sludge epics are heavier than sin, a call for cleansing and nothing short of brutally honest. A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky is a jaw-dropping debut that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


1. A Night In Venus Arms
2. A Glorified Piece Of Blue-sky
3. Grey Wolves
4. Our Sun Our Saviour
5. Extraordinary Claims Require Extrao
6. One Amongst The Wheat Fields
7. Jump Room To Orion
8. Leads To A Lifetime On Mercury

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