Melvins: Exclusive Video Live Footage

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, December 6, 2009

"We are ugly but we have the music" stood with big letters across the stage background. How true! (the) Melvins gave a wicked and splendid show last night in Schorndorf, which is a little town near Stuttgart, where Gottlieb Daimler (automobile inventor) was born.  
Buzz Osborne, also known as King Buzzo, vocalist and guitarist, was in a witty mood. He introduced Dale Crover as a drummer without pants. Dale stood up and the crowd could see that he had his pants on. Buzz replied that the colours aren't his pants but his legs.
Buzz blurted out a little bit insider information. His favourite song is Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow" and made Jared Warren (bassist) sing it, for which he got a lot of standing ovations. Furthermore, he gave away private details that his aim was to work together with Judy Garland and Jimi Hendrix but they unfortunately reached way too far down the medicine jar. And today they're dead. Buzz is still working on it.


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