TWEAK BIRD: Exclusive Video Live Footage

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tweak Bird has performed a fantastic show last Sunday night in Club Zwölfzehn, Stuttgart. They astonished and delightened me with their spectacular music. Watch the video live footage below.

Tweak Bird is a collaboration between brothers Caleb (guitar, vocals) and Ashton Bird (drums, vocals) -- natives of Carbondale, IL (home to Southern Illinois University), who performed together, on and off through the years before relocating to Los Angeles in the mid-'00s. Once there, they began molding an intriguing sound consisting of both modern (alternative, stoner and post-rock, etc.) and classic influences ('60 and '70s psych, prog and hard rock), which they previewed with a pair of 7" singles before issuing 2008's debut EP, Reservations, through Volcom Entertainment. ~by Eduardo Rivadavia


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