APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE Complete Work On New Album

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, January 17, 2010

PROFOUND LORE RECORDS published the following news on their webpage:

"Indianapolis doom metal force APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE have completed work on their anticipated follow-up to the acclaimed “Sincerest Misery” album.  With the accolades the band have been getting in doom metal circles as one of the most promising doom metal prospects from the States, the band’s latest work of soul-stirring doom, entitled “Last Sunrise”, sees Apostle Of Solitude (we’ll even go as far as claiming them the heir to the SOLITUDE AETURNUS throne) deliver their most emotionally driven and powerful work yet.

Formed by ex-GATES OF SLUMBER drummer Chuck Brown, who handles the vocal and guitar duties in Apostle Of Solitude, Apostle Of Solitude shall follow suit alongside their doom metal comrades in The Gates Of Slumber and will have more awareness spread even further within their homeland with “Last Sunrise”.

Nonetheless, “Last Sunrise” is a surging work of traditionally played hard hitting doom metal in the familiar vein of such bands as the aforementioned SOLITUDE AETURNUS, CANDLEMASS, ST. VITUS, and THE OBSESSED (in which the band cover ‘Streetside’ on the North American version of “Last Sunrise”), you know the usual legendary suspects.  It’s an album that touches upon the realistic modern-day themes which confront our emotions through trials of grief, loss, and ultimately, inevitable despair.  The musical journey of “Last Sunrise” is an adventurous one and by the time the surging album closer ‘Coldest Love’ (in which we attest will be one of the best doom metal tracks you’ll hear all year, a track quite reminiscent of the power that bands like WARNING unleashed with their “Watching From A Distance" album) falls upon the listener, the tale of the doomed lovers unravels as the inevitable end triumphs in pure doom metal glory.

With the North American version of “Last Sunrise” featuring three killer bonus cover-tunes (recorded by Gates Of Slumber drummer Bob Fouts) that will differ from the European version, tracklisting for “Last Sunrise” goes as follows:

1.    Last Sunrise (Requiem)
2.    Acknowledging The Demon
3.    Other Voices
4.    Letting Go of the Wheel
5.    Hunter Sick Rapture
6.    December Drives Me To Tears
7.    Sister Cruel
8.    Frontiers of Pain
9.    Coldest Love
10.    Streetside*
11.    Astro Zombies*
12.    Mary And Child*

*Denotes North American bonus tracks.

An MP3 of the track ‘December Drives Me To Tears’ can be heard via PROFOUND LORE RECORDS MP3 section HERE.
Another new track 'Hunter Sick Rapture' can be heard via the band's myspace page HERE."



    glad to heard about a side project from The gates of slumber 's drummer as i'm amazed by this one for some years ago... thx for this discovery... made my day...

  1. Captain Beyond

    You're welcome! I also recommend their first album "Sincerest Misery" to you.

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