GRAND MAGUS Completes Recording New Album

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GRAND MAGUS, the three-piece Swedish heavy rock band featuring "JB" Christofferson (guitar, lead vocals), Fox Skinner (bass, backing vocals) and Sebastian "Seb" Sippola (drums), has finished recording and mixing its fifth album, "Hammer Of The North", at 301 studios outside of Stockholm for a spring/early summer release via Roadrunner Records. The group says, "Tonight the awesome mix for 'Hammer Of The North' will be sent to New York for mastering.

"We are chuffed with the way everything turned out recording-wise and the mix really made things come alive in a way that far exceeded our expectations.

"Now we are entering the final phase of making this album come to fruition.

"It's been hard work for a solid two months in an ice-cold Stockholm, but it will totally be worth every single second we put into it. Also we've just seen the incredible artwork that will complement the sounds that we make in a most fitting manner. All in all, you are in for a treat!"


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