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Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, November 21, 2010

Awesome Heavy Psychedelic/Experimental Rock from Brooklyn! Highly recommended!

Whooping Crane is a Brooklyn quartet that has been whooping up a raucous racket of riff rock since 2008 and boasts an impressive resumé; Guitarist/vocalist Michael "Big Sir the Conductor" Lo has recorded and/or toured with artists from The Phenomenal Handclap Band to Latin soul legend Joe Bataan to garage and punk luminaries such as Richard Lloyd and Tav Falco’s Panther Burns, while percussionist/flute player/guitarist Davey “the Handler” Scott was an alumni of rapper Guru’s live and recording unit. Along with drummer Bushwick Ronnie Seward and bassist Doug Mayer, they combine heavy blues-based guitar tones, funky rhythms and a good dose of hypnotic psychedelic flourishes, topped off with simple-but-anthemic choruses and an overall jivey, blissed-out, good-time spirit.

What others say:

The Ripple Music: "Whooping Crane is the next best thing you can get. A true power trio, these guys are dedicated to the mid tempo boogie. With his stylish neckerchief and aviator shades guitarist Michael Lo presents himself as Lowell George playing through Johnny Winter’s white Gibson Firebird. The rhythm section of bassist Keith Avenue and drummer Bushwick Ronnie Seward groove like the Groundhogs and the Band of Gypsies. They played all the songs off their great EP and a few new ones. “Straight Dope” was the finale of their set and my personal favorite since it’s about getting high. These guys are young and slender enough to fool some of the indie rock kids but good enough to maybe wake a few of them up to good music."

The Soda Shop:  "The last and personally one of my favorites the past year and a half since I’ve owned the EP is Whooping Crane’s self titled EP. Imagine Jimi Henrix was still alive making music today. Mix in a little Joe Walsh (thanks Woody!), James Brown, a bit of Black Sabbath and some acid blues and you get some of the finest music on any side of any ocean, lake or river you want to name. The EP is fast, psychedelic, groovy and the mix is perfect. the backing vocals compliment the music on “She’s a Knockout” and “One Hit Sally.” The guitar is top notch and mesmerizing on tracks “Voomp!”, “Tomm Tapp” and the closing track, “Straight Dope,” This awesome 6 track EP is available through one of the band members Ebay account or at one of their shows."


  1. Bufftbone

    I can't get enough of these guys. The EP is awesome and the extra track on Bandcamp is awesome.

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for this, appreciated-- Whooping Crane

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