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Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blaak Heat Shujaa was born in 2008. The band members weren’t outcasts, but they weren’t exactly the social type either. Dying old and lonely after a lifetime struggling to feed their psychedelic music habit while living in the city of high fashion and through-the-roof beer prices wasn’t a happy prospect. This is why when they met, too happy to have found one another in a sea of opulent, cash-worshipping, cocktail-sipping conformists, Thomas Bellier, Antoine Morel-Vulliez, and Tim Gacon immediately formed BHS.
The band took time to develop its own sound and reach its current cruising speed, as external factors led its members to spend time abroad. But instead of getting in the way of BHS’s development, those travels to foreign lands (California, Tanzania, Uganda, Spain) have allowed each member to bring in and incorporate influences from inspiring and peculiar horizons into their work.
This probably accounts for the fact that the sound BHS developed has been described as truly original. In fact, the band members have always loathed the idea of simply trying to recreate another band’s sound, as so many bands unfortunately settle for today. The BHS material aspires to provoke mental introspection and spiritual trip through dreamy effects and fuzzy riffs while at the same time paying homage to the heritage of 1990s heavy music.
This might be the reason why BHS have never felt part of a “scene”: their sound doesn’t fit pre-established musical categories, but rather spans several genres, including neo-psychedelia, stoner rock, and desert rock. However, the band’s recent involvement with former Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder (producer of BHS’s 2010 debut album : Blaak Heat Shujaa), as well as the other bands with whom they have shared the bill, definitely make them a part of today’s ever-evolving stoner rock scene.

Band members:
Thomas Bellier - Guitar/Vocals
Antoine Morel-Vulliez - Bass/Vocals
Timothée Gacon - Drums/Percussion

Produced by Scott Reeder

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