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Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ride the Sun started in the summer of 2007. Lydell moved from Minnesota (Countach/Red Desert) to join the band 12 Gauge Reply which quickly disbanded after one gig. Lydell and Kip quickly formed (RTS). Greg Mason (Leather Nun) was the final missing link. With a few older tunes coupled with new material, RTS is well on its way carving out a heavy sound mixed with influences of old 70's rock, desert fuzz and doom. With the recent addition of Dominic replacing Greg, RTS expects everything to get even better.

Lydell A.- guitar/vocals
Kip Page - bass
Dominic Caltagirone - drums
Past members: Josh Caldwell, Greg Mason, Mike Childers and Animal

Lots of great bands from the 60's thru today! From Aerosmith to ZZ Top and in between from Black Sabbath to Yob.


  1. thunrida

    This band sounds a bit to what Fireball Ministry do on the first album, lovely nostalgia this band will be effectively one of my faves too. Pray hard for an unexpected reunion of KYUSS...

    Rocking The Stone Free from Panamá

    Lionel Ulloa Jr.

    Pd. Great Blog!

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