bandcamp: Spelljammer - Inches From The Sun

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweden rocks and there is no end in sight for awesome bands! Spelljammer are the next candidate for Sweden’s stoner rock throne!

Spelljammer was formed in late 2007 by former high school friends Niklas Olsson and Robert Sörling while attending a Fu Manchu concert. The aim was to simply play heavy music that had a connection to the music they grew up listening to. Their influence came from such acts as Sleep, Kyuss and of course Black Sabbath. Drummer Mattias Johansson and bassist Cloffe Caspersson soon joined and work begun on the debut EP, Inches From The Sun. The record was finished in 2009 but is yet to be released. Meanwhile Johansson was replaced by Oscar Olseryd, and they're now working on their second album.

Apart from their own record, the songs Nine and Mountainside are featured on the compilation albums, Cowbells & Cobwebs and Droning Earth Masters of Volume 36 respectively.

Current lineup:
Robert Sörling (guitar)
Niklas Olsson (vocals, guitar)
Cloffe Caspersson (bass)
Oscar Olseryd (drums)

Spelljammer at Myspace and Bandcamp (where the EP, Inches From The Sun can be downloaded for free).


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