New StonerRockOhio Is The Paperboy

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Wednesday, January 12, 2011

With the demise of, blogs like The Soda Shop, Heavy Planet, and The Obelisk (to name a few) have stepped up to keep the riff alive. StonerRockOhio decided to channel all of that great content into one page and hopefully expose readers of one blog to other blogs covering stoner rock and doom. If you want your blog on the page, send the link to StonerRockOhio. The new StonerRockOhio is the paperboy. StonerRockOhio isn't writing the news, just delivering the goods from the dudes that are experts on all things doom, stoner rock, and sludge. Clicking on the headline of a post will take you directly to their blog.

StonerRockOhio has added a few tabs to the page to help showcase their homegrown talent. The “Miniviews” tab features very short interviews with guys in Ohio bands with more on the way. In addition, the “Listen to OH Bands” tab is loaded with streaming music players from groups in the Buckeye State.

StonerRockOhio hopes you find the new format useful and wants to give props to the superb bloggers out there covering the genre.

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