Sunday's Bandcamp Recommendations XXV

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Atlas Moth - An Ache For The Distance
"Hailing from Chicago, The Atlas Moth take their bluesy hometown roots and combine that with New Orleans style sludge & 60s psychedelic."

Lord Dying - Demo
Progressive Doom from Portland

Clagg - Lord of the Deep
Doom/Sludge from Melbourne, Australia

Adrift for Days - The Lunar Maria
Smoked-out, psychedelic dronefuzz from Sydney, Australia

Slow Ride Home - The Great Southern Supercluster
Psychedelic Stoner Rock from Kiev, Ukraine

Mongoloid Village - Folly
Metal/Prog/Psychedelic from Portland

Diesto - High as the Sun
Stoner Metal from Portland, OR


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