Sunday's Bandcamp Recommendations XXXII

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today I present you a double feature +1.

One Inch Giant - Malva
Stoner Metal from Gothenburg, Sweden.
"A new Swedish stoner metal outfit with grunge vocals and catchy riffs." -
released 01 August 2011

Eggnogg - Moments in Vacuum
Heavy Rock from Brooklyn, NY.
"Eggnogg has masterfully blurred genre lines, transcending the redundant boundaries of modern rock music. Eggnogg’s effortless merging of melody, discord, psychedelic textures, and irresistible hooks defies expectation and refuses to be type casted." - facebook
released 04 July 2011

Six Dead Horses - Horn Tusk Antler
Doom Metal/Doom-adelic indie bossanova from Orlando, FL.
"Six Dead Horses integrate very loud amps with powerfully declarative choruses to provide the ultimate psychedelic metal experience." -
released 01 April 2010

Thorun - Chorus of Giants EP
Stoner/Sludge Rock from South Wales, UK.
"Formed in early 2010 by like minded fools with a desire to create a sound based upon the noise inside their heads. This is riff worship!" -
released 05 November 2011

Sons of Tonatiuh - Sons of Tonatiuh S​/​T
Southern Sludge & Doom from Atlanta, GA.
"Killer album of sludgy goodness, this comes recommended for those who dig Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Sourvein, and their ilk, but are burnt out on copy cat bands." - Andy "Dinger" Beresky
released 15 May 2010

Lord Of Doubts - Lord Of Doubts
Doom Metal from Moscow, Russia.
released 13 June 2010

Giant Squid - Cenotes
Progressive Science-Sludge Metal from San Francisco, CA.
released 26 October 2011

Concrete Sun - Sky Is High
Southern Sludge ‘n’ Grunge from Novi Sad, Serbia.
released 19 August 2011

Melon - A World of Monsters
Stoner/Psychedelic/Noise/Grunge from Wilmington, DE.
released 24 September 2011

Bell Witch - Bell Witch Demo 2011
Doom Metal from Seattle, WA.
released 03 October 2011

Enchantress - Volume 1: The First Few
Psychedelic/Stoner/Doom from Toronto, ON.
released 17 July 2011


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