Ancient Astronaught - Pilot​.​.​. Chariot​.​.​.

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Does anyone believe the Ancient Astronaught idea?
I think its possible. Just based on some of the monolithic guitar riffs and extraterrestrial song structures on this 5-track album "Pilot... Chariot..." I don't see how man could have done this alone. Ancient Astronaught brought this alien sound to us like some interstellar missionaries.

Ancient Astronaught:
"We are a trio coming forth from the stress pit of America to bring forth the cathartic release of pent up aggression that rules our lives. From euphoric anxiety to the drones of depression we present it to you raw, the way music should be. Our only hope is that by listening to our music you develop your own interpretation of the meaning and take something with you that never leaves."

Bandcamp recommendation: Ancient Astronaught - Pilot​.​.​. Chariot​.​.​.


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