Heavy Artillery Records: Metalian - Rock Solid

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, January 2, 2012

As you possibly know I'm a big fan of traditional and obscure heavy metal and I'm especially focus on bands like Cirith Ungol, Trouble, Manilla Road, Realmbuilder and Helvetets Port to only name a few of my Heavy Metal favs. I would like to point out that the Heavy Artillery Records bandcamp site is a great source discover the new wave of traditional heavy metal bands. I recently recommended the bandcamp site of Midnight Chaser and want to point again to this great music label. Today I feature the band Metalian from Montreal, Canada, which "are the living embodiment of the old spirit of metal."

Bandcamp recommendation: Metalian - Rock Solid

Heavy Artillery Records:
"As traditional heavy metal awakens from its long slumber in the underground, a new generation of fans and bands across the world have surfaced to bring the beast back to its days of glory, their energy helping to spark the passion of the old-time die hards along the way. Focused on traditional heavy metal, Heavy Artillery is a new label dedicated to bringing out the best from this new generation."


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