Plöw - Bicentennial Picnic

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, January 9, 2012

"We are red, we are white, we are Danish Dynamite." 
All four songs of Plöw's new EP 'Bicentennial Picnic' are hot as hell and explosive like dynamite. Plöw is an excellent southern stoner sludge metal band from Denmark. Highly recommended for fans of Down, Crowbar and Corrosion of Conformity!

"Plöw is a band that started in the spring of 2009. Originally founded by front man Rune Bæk and lead guitarist James Becker. Later that year two of their old Højskole friends joined them. Mads Bruun Rasmusen respectively playing bass and Søren Stenger tightening up the rhythm department. About 3 months after the band got fully formed they recorded their first EP. This 6 song self titled debut was recorded at M&T studios in south Jylland and was then later on released in February of 2010. The release came only a week before Plöw emerged on their first tour. The tour was a 9 day tour around Denmark where they served as a support band for the Swedish Stoner Rock band New Keepers of the Water Towers.
Following the tour Plöw kept on roaming the underground scene of Denmark. Playing a handful of gigs inside and out of Aarhus. Teaming up with bands like Magnified Eye, Double Space, AEDRA, Drön, Ruun and Hexis. In January 2011 Plöw emerged to the M&T studio again tracking what would come to be their next EP. Plöw started by releasing the single High Tide with a following video. The video has gotten allot of praise around the viral community as well as the song. In December 2011 Plöw released their second EP, Bicentennial Picnic.
Bicentennial Picnic contains 4 tracks including the single High Tide. Bicentennial Picnic is only available online at the moment. But in early 2012 it will be released in a physical form and will be for sale at their live concerts."

Bandcamp recommendation: Plöw - Bicentennial Picnic


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