Green & Wood - Green & Wood [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, January 10, 2010

The first hightlight of this year is the debut of the Los Angeles based band Green & Wood. It is a modern doom-rock masterpiece influenced by the forefathers of heavy metal and soaked in an impossibly dense atmosphere. Their music is based on the dark riffs of Pentagram enriched with many other influences like Hawkwind, Blue Cheer and even Pagan Altar.

Green & Wood don't follow the crowd of countless stoner rock copycats, which imitate Black Sabbath and Sleep repeatedly in infinite mantra-like loops. They do not only play with immense passion but with overwhelming sophistication. Their monolithic riffs pound a hypnotic throb and creates a conglomerate of deafening thunder in the spirit of the doom-laden hard rock of Leaf Hound and recall memories of Jerusalem's heavy prog masterpiece of 1972.

Green & Wood's debut roars like a V8 engine and isn't a cheap rip-off of their forefathers - it is an amalgam of the best moments of rock history put together into something thrilling and incentive. Green & Wood clearly doesn't drink from the same stagnant bongwater as the rest of the doom droves.


1. Banquet Of Jupiter
2. Rockin Real Hard
3. Heathen Copse
4. War In The Sky
5. Construct Of Fear
6. Darkest Hour
7. Castle Kerak
8. Green & Wood

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