SardoniS - SardoniS [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, February 7, 2010


Belgium is famous for it's chocolate, waffles, fries and beer brewed by monks but now we have to add Doom/Sludge to the list. The Doom/Sludge duo SardoniS plays minimalistic, loud and heavy instrumentals. Comparisons with Black Cobra, Weedeater, and High on Fire are unavoidable. The absence of vocals carries no weight and allows a deeper listening experience wherein the abyss stares back at you. The album starts with two known songs from their debut 4 track 7" EP 'Nero D’Avola' and 'Skullcrusher AD', followed by seven new songs. SardoniS may be a new name to some people but for a two piece of guitar and drums only, they deliver some of the most intense bloodcurdling heaviness to be found in the Doom scene.

SardoniS raise a heavy thick storm and celebrate rituals at earbleeding volume. The music bites at your throat like a ravenous wolf pack. They crush you down and hammer your skull with their resistless vintage ‘Sabbath grooves and merciless riffs. At the end the pack of wolves and ravens scavenged the aftermath of a battle which couldn't be won.
A mammoth masterpiece!


1. Nero D'Avola
2. Skullcrusher AD
3. Ab Incunabulis
4. Thor
5. The Hollow
6. March of the Masses
7. More Severe Things Await
8. The Wolf's Lair
9. It Walks the Mountain

SardoniS - European Tour Dates

12. Feb. 2010 - Muziekodroom Hasselt (B)
13. Feb. 2010 - Helvete Oberhausen (D)
14. Feb. 2010 - Rocket Club Landshut (D)
15. Feb. 2010 - Exit Chmelnice Prague (CZ)
16. Feb. 2010 - Arena Vienna (A)
17. Feb. 2010 - Dynamo Werk 21 Zurich (CH)
18. Feb. 2010 - Rock It Aalen (D)
19. Feb. 2010 - Eastclub Bischofswerda (D)
20. Feb. 2010 - Ostendfest Oostende (B)
21. Feb. 2010 - Willemeen Arhnem (NL)
18. Mrz. 2010 - Frontline Gent (B)
09. Apr. 2010 - The Zoo Hasselt (B)
10. Apr. 2010 - Het Depot (w/ KARMA TO BURN & YEAR LONG DISASTER) Leuven (B)


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