Black Land - Extreme Heavy Psych [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, May 10, 2010

Italy is psyching out! Midryasi, Stake-Off the Witch, Ufomammut, and now Black Land with their spot-on titled album 'Extreme Heavy Psych'. The series of brilliant releases from Italy is not fading out. The title 'Extreme Heavy Psych' hits the nail on the head. These freaks confront the gentle listener with an extreme, but extremely good album. For days this CD has been rotating heavily in my CD player and I cannot get enough from this infernal brew.

Black Land has imbibed the eccentricity of such giants like Cirith Ungol and the psychedelic genius of Hawkwind from their infancy already. Were they nursed possibly like Romulus and Remus by a she-wolf? Absolutely brilliant guitar soli, space-like synth sounds and monsterlike riffs, brilliant singing. Here everything is simply right! The songs are complex, progressive, psychedelic, but always comprehensible - absolutely no boredom here. Sheer insanity - pure magic! Retro and futuristic style simultaneously. Authentics in the dimension of genre tradition. No critique from my side and they get the full score from me.

Definitely one of my favorites of 2010 so far!


  1. Sneaky Hobo

    Hey, I'm looking for some of their other releases, if you find them let me know!

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