Ufomammut Live at JUBEZ in Karlsruhe

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The legendary Doom/Sludge band Ufomammut from Italy crossed the Alps in the opposite direction than Hannibal, and they succeeded to conquer Germany, which Varus didn’t in the Teutoburg Forest 2000 years ago.

Sorry for the excursus into the history. In more modest words: Ufomammut humbled themselves to give a concert in the Badenese province on May, 17 2010 at JUBEZ as the supporting act of the main band Wolves in the Throne Room.

And what a performance! Ufomammut performed songs from their new album 'Eve' and I was in lucky to be able to attend this rare event. All deplorable creatures, which couldn’t render homage to the incredible Ufomammut, can watch the complete gig below. Have fun!


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