Exclusive Interview with MIDRYASI

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Friday, June 4, 2010


Captain Beyond ~Zen is proud to present an exclusive interview with Midryasi. Special thanks to the band members Paul Paganhate, Convulsion and Sapappah for their exciting insides.

1. Could you please give us a short overview about the band history.

Paul: Midryasi were born in 2002 with the aim of creating a heavy sound devoted to glorious bands such as Black Sabbath and Pentagram, but at the same time with the idea to avoid any predefined cliché and to leave an open door to any source of inspiration.
Our ultimate aim is to express ourselves artistically for what concerns the music, the lyrics, the visual.
The original band was started up by Convulsion (bass and voice), Sapappah (drums) and Jon Guanera (guitar).
The first demo, simply called 'Midryasi', was greeted very well both in Italy and abroad and this led Iron Tyrant Records to reprint it as a professional release.
In 2007 Joh left the band and was promptly replaced by Paul.
In 2008 the we released a 7" split  and made a European tour called Behind the Same Cross with DoomRaiser and in the fall of 2009 we finally released the actual first album, Corridors.
I hope that by the time this interview will be published, the vinyl version of Corridors will be available!

2. How did the media react to your new album “Corridors”?

Paul: The reactions are very good so far.
In Italy we had great reviews on the most important press such as Rumore, Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Classix and on the main webzines as well.
Recently some reviews are appearing also on international webzines and blogs (thanx Captain Beyond!!).

More generally I can say that the album so far was greeted with a very good response and we are really satisfied with that.

3. Did you get promotion in the Italian media?

Paul: Yes of course, as I said the Italian media has made a very good promotion in terms of reviews.
Moreover we are having a very effective promotion on specialized forums just with a word of mouth, and this is really great.

4. How popular are you in Italy? Does the saying “A prophet has no honor in his own country” describe it?

Paul: We have played a lot in Italy, both in the north and in the south and there are many people that appreciate us, buy the records, attend to our gigs and speak to us enthusiastically.
At the release party of Corridors in December there were a lot of people: friends, fans and even someone from the press and labels and that was really fantastic.

5. What are the sources of inspiration for your lyrics?

Paul: The lyrics are mainly composed by Convulsion and me. The main source of inspiration come from our inner self, the vision we have on life based on what happened to us and the vision we have on the world that is inside and outside us.
Our lyrics may appear very strange and symbolic to the people. It is a very important side of the band, along with the visual one.

6. Do you feel part of the Stoner/Doom scene rather than the Metal scene or none of them?

Paul: In Italy there is a strong and growing Stoner/Doom scene and we surely feel part of it. There are many bands, labels and agencies and all of that works out greatly in terms of events, festivals and collaborations.
Even if everyone of us has a strong metal background, and you can feel it expecially on the first album, we don't belong to a real pure metal scene but I think many metal fans can find something interesting in Midryasi.

7. What do you think of the current music scene?

Paul: In the last years we are experiencing the possibility to easily share the music and the information with the aid of internet; this has surely opened a wealth of opportunities to get in touch with other bands, labels, agencies and so on and that is positive.
On the other side, all of this may yield an inflation of actors in any musical genre and sometimes this may bring too much to the public and so the risk is that good bands may be underrated or unlistened.
Anyway, in the Stoner/Doom scene there are plenty of good bands and we can surely say that it is wealthy and really active, much more now than in the past.

8. In what bands did you play in the past?

Paul: Good question! All of us used to play metal in the past. Just to mention a few bands, I played in Alea Jacta and Hatred (death metal) and  My Last Keen (doom metal); Sappah played in Hatred with Paul, Necroflesh (Death Metal) and many other and Convulsion played in Deathraid (death/thrash metal) and Doomsword (epic doom metal). Everyone had many other collaborations; as you can see our background is very rich.

9. What books and albums would you want to take to a lonesome island?

Paul: Cathedral - Forest of Equilibrium, Skyclad - The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth, any book of Colin Thubron

Convulsion: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, and "the naked Ape" book by Desmond Morris;

10. Can you make a living out of music?

Paul: That would be great, but we think it is quite impossible! In this time selling records is a hard business and the revenues of gigs and merchandise is enough just to compensate the outcome!

11. You are musically elated about every doubt. Are you sometimes tempted to play commercial music?

Paul: Thank you very much for your words, we can say everything we compose comes out from our inner self and the way we do it is based on improvisation, so we think it will be very hard for us to play commercial music... even though Convulsion is convinced that we write songs that could be played on radio!!

12. Are you friends with any other Italian bands?

Paul: Yes, we have many friends in Italian bands! We have played with tens of bands and we greet everyone of them!

13. What bands from Italy would you recommend to my readers?

Paul: There are many and we cannot list all of them but for sure we must mention our brothers Doomraiser, Zippo, El Thule but believe me, there are a lot of good bands in the Italian Stoner/Doom scene.

14. What are your plans for the future? Would it take another five years until your next release?

Paul: We are working on the tracks of the next records. We are not so fast composing, but we hope we won't take so many years to the next release.
Moreover, we will try to promote Corridors with a tour on the next Autumn and with as much gigs as we can.
We have some plans as well in our minds for something particular concerning the both the visual and the musical side, nothing sure, we'll see.

15. Is there anything else you want to say – any famous last words?

Paul: We want to thank Captain Beyond for the interview and, to the people out there, we wish to ask you to listen to Corridors!

Esioh mann szaghae!!!!


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