Across Tundras - Old World Wanderer [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, July 25, 2010

Across Tundras started in the spring of 2004 in Denver, CO, and in the spring of 2008, Tanner Olson packed up the van and headed to Nashville, TN, where he hooked up with a couple of gifted musicians, Nate Rose and Micah Eppinger. Bassist Matt Shively entered in late summer 2009, and is on 2010's "Old World Wanderer". A long journey!

Across Tundras presents ultra heavy slow psychedelic doom rock at its best. Neo-psychedelia guitars, stoner riffs, terrific vocals and an experimental mind-blowing sound burrow under my skin. All seven songs are killer pieces with a memorable atmosphere. Unbelievable. I have to hear this album over and over and I don't get tired of these awesome songs.

Across Tundras names Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash, Neurosis, Earth, and America as their references. These guys are geniuses from Nashville, Tennessee. I will have a drink of Jack Daniels, Tennessee Bourbon, on the success of Across Tundras. Highly recommended for fans of Minsk, Zoroaster and Ufomammut. Magic sounds. Southern gothic. Night of the hunter. Goosebumps. «Sometimes you have to lose yourself 'fore you can find anything.» «Where? Anywhere. Everywhere. Nowhere.» «Salvation is a last-minute business, boy.» Whooaaa!

TGO - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals & Lyrics, Mandolin
NWR - Drums, Tablas, Bells, Percussion
JMS - Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Backing Vocals, Trippin' Guitar Solo on "Fallin to the Nethers"
SAM - vocals
Odin - barks, growls
Sadie - barks, growls

Track listing:
1. Vanguard Battle Hymn
2. Falllin' to the Nethers
3. Weary Travelers Rest
4. Stone Crazy Horse
5. Life on the Grain Belt
6. Tectonic Shifts
7. Rainmaker - Floodreaper


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