Heavy Glow - The Filth & The Fury EP [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Something extraordinary from San Diego creeps out of the speakers. This is Heavy Psych hitting on all cylinders, which has not been shortened compared to their ancestors and doesn’t even sound anachronistic in 2010. These three dudes know their trades and they have it down pat. All 5 songs of this EP keep constantly at a high level and the only drawback is the short playing time of 23 minutes. The production is gruff with rough edges and thus nostalgists like me get their money’s worth. Nevertheless Heavy Glow aren’t simple-minded copyists, but they transfer the spirit of a bygone era into the here and now and they leave their individual and present-day mark on these exquisite songs. Highly recommended!

Make up your own mind about Heavy Glow's 'The Filth & The Fury' by listening all songs on their MySpace site!

Track listing:
1 I Almost Prayed 4:17
2 Love Ghost 5:44
3 Hot Mess 4:17
4 Bourgeois Baby 4:03
5 Red July 4:53

Jared Mullins- Vocals & Guitar
Joe Brooks- Bass
Dan Kurtz- Drums


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