Poobah - Let Me In [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, October 4, 2010

Ripple Music dug deep into the past to quarry this lost jewel of proto-metal. This is the real stuff for fans of Black Sabbath, Sir Lord Baltimore, Leaf Hound, Blue Cheer, Cream, Deep Purple, Dust and Hawkwind. In 1972, Poobah released their debut album, Let Me In, to an unsuspecting rock crowd and, in time, the album become a highly sought after, collectible piece of heavy rock history. Now, almost forty years later, Poobah, in conjunction with Ripple Music, are "re-unleashing" the futted-out, heavy rock classic in a multiformat, deluxe double LP, CD, and digital editions. In addition to the original 6 songs from the LP, this brand new rediscovery of the legendary guitar antics of Jim Gustafson will be on full display with 12 bonus tracks on the CD version, 10 on the LP. Let Me In was remastered from the original tapes by Tony Reed, the mastermind behind the retro-rock sound of Mos Generator and Stone Axe.

Many thanks to Ripple Music for bringing this stunning and devastating heavyrock masterpiece to light and offer an enticing value for money package for all fans of 70's proto-metal! Highly recommended!

Band members:
Jim Gustafson - vocals, lead guitar, organ
Phil Jones - bass, vocals
Glenn Wiseman - drums, percussion

Track listing:
1. Mr. Destroyer
2. Enjoy What You Have
3. Live To Work
4. Bowleen
5. Rock N' Roll
6. Let Me In
Bonus Tracks:
7. Here's The Band
8. Make A Man Outta You
9. Upside Down Highway
10. Walk Of The Bug
11. Blooey Gooey
12. Going To Rock City
13. Smoke
14. Mr. Destroyer (Live Rehearsal)
15. Passion For Freedom
16. Aww, Not Now
17. Bowleen (Radio/45 RPM Version)
18. I'm Crazy, You're Crazy


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