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Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, January 23, 2011

Formed in the mid-‘90’s by Craig Riggs and Tim Catz, they raised the bar for riff loving hard rock, proving that the West Coast didn’t have a lock on what most considered “stoner rock”. They released five albums (“$1,000,000", “Nationwide”, “Rawk N' Roll”, "Takin' Out the Trash", and "See You in Hell!"), a bunch of singles and compilation contributions, toured the hell out of the US and Europe with the likes of Nebula, Orange Goblin and Scissorfight, and then, like all good bands and unlike too many shitty ones, went on the dreaded “indefinite hiatus”.

From the smoldering ashes sprung a handful of notable groups - the rootsy, Southern lovin’ Antler, the cock rock of Quitter, among others - but while those acts made distinct marks, they never filled the void left by Roadsaw. Other bands that attempted to capture that unique Roadsaw magic fell woefully short. There was attitude or there were riffs, but the two never blended together in that awesome Roadsaw way. For the faithful, the best thing to do was to replay those classic albums and hope for a miracle.

Crack open a cold one and get ready to rock the fuck out, because Roadsaw is back.

The new and long awaited Roadsaw self titled record, which will be released on the Small Stone label,  is around the corner and what can I say - it was worth the wait. The new album is absolutely fuzzalicious! Call it stoner rock, fuzz-rock, seventies inspired retro rock - it doesn't matter. These old stagers know exactly how to write awesome songs, which are bursting with energy until the Marshall boxes are sizzling hot. Massive, fuzzed up guitar riffs caterwaul, the bass pumps like a oil rig, the drums are punched like a knocked-out boxer, and the vocals tower above, rough, soulful and melodic. If you are into stoner rock with a massive 70's touch and a bluesy tone, you will dig this record like hell.


  1. Dead And Buried
  2. Weight In Gold
  3. Thinking Of Me
  4. Long In The Tooth
  5. So Low Down
  6. The Getaway
  7. Motel Shoot Out
  8. Electric Heaven
  9. Too Much Is Not Enough
  10. Song X
  11. The Thrill Is Waiting

Roadsaw is:

Craig Riggs: Vocals
Ian Ross: Guitars
Jeremy Hemond: Drums
Tim Catz: Bass
Produced by Sean Slade.
Engineered and Mixed by Benny Grotto.
Second Engineer J. Saliba.
Recorded at Mad Oak Studios, Allston, MA.
Mastered by Dave Collins at Collins Audio, Los Angeles , CA.
Photos by Gail Rush.
Artwork/ Layout by Ian Adams.


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