Tia Carrera - Cosmic Priestess

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buckle up! The gods of improvised psychedelic stoner jam rock released a new album and it is like a neverending psychedelic LSD trip! COSMIC PRIESTESS is Tia Carrera's fourth release overall and second for Small Stone Recordings and it was completely improvised and recorded live with an Otari MX-70 1" Tape Machine at the Home Studio in Austin Tx.

Tia Carrera get better with every release and COSMIC PRIESTESS is their best so far. The album is spangled with an awesome cover, which corresponds with their sprawling music - a holistic artwork - a mind-expanding satori - a bright light in a dark world!

Tia Carrera released their new masterpiece at Small Stone Recordings and with every new release this fine music label rises in my favor. COSMIC PRIESTESS offers 70s-inspired, fuzzy, psychedelic stoner rock, which centrifuges you into outer space. Beam me up, Scotty!

Track listing:
  1. Slave Cylinder
  2. Sand, Stone and Pearl
  3. Saturn Missile Battery
  4. A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing
Band members:

Erik Conn: Drums
Jamey Simms: Bass, Guitar
Jason Morales: Guitar, Bass

Additional Players:
Ezra Reynolds: Fender Rodes on "Sand, Stone and Pearl".

Engineered and mixed by Jason Morales.
Mastered by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio, Ann Arbor, MI.
Illustration & Art Direction by Alexander Von Wieding -  www.zeichentier.com.



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