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Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, April 11, 2011

This Monday I'm in the fortunate position to offer you the free download of the superb album 'The Tower' from Nero Order. The exceptional approach of Nero Order stands out in a crowd and the result in the form of four overlong monolithic songs produces proof of this successful attempt. These four songs are set in stone like the granite faces of the four American presidents in Mount Rushmore. But now I have to keep silent and let the music speak after my short introduction, which should be like a woman's dress - long enough to cover everything, short enough to catch attention.


San Francisco avant-metal alchemists Nero Order fuse elephantine rhythms with expansive, tragic melodies and moody, severe vocals - effectively concocting a sound that is simultaneously abrasive and consonant, dynamic and cacophonous; academic in scope and violent in delivery.

Though formed in early 2006, Nero Order has willfully chosen to stay silent and hidden, largely avoiding public appearances while focusing on crafting their Great Work: the upcoming full-length album The Tower. Consisting of four meticulously composed movements, The Tower is an exercise in duality, both aurally and aesthetically. Sonically dense, ambitiously constructed, and intensely executed, the songs that comprise The Tower are stylistically without par in the current rock landscape - though the gravity of mid-late period Neurosis, the frenetic energy of Junkyard-era Birthday Party, the minor melodic sense of Metallica’s Master of Puppets, the staggering volume and intensity of early Swans, the grandiosity of Pink Floyd’s Meddle, and the riff-obsession of Black Sabbath are all summoned therein.

Recorded live to tape and mixed in less than one full week with no digital manipulation of the signal, The Tower is an accurate representation of the band laid bare. In an age where the large majority of recording artists partake of the spoils of modern technology, we feel the above fact(s) are noteworthy, and that the approach underpinning this work ultimately serves as a testament to the quality of the material found within.

Nero Order is:
Matt Butler - Drums, Vocals
Matt Harper - Guitar
Ross Hoyt - Bass
Alex Lindo - Vocals

The Tower Tracklist
1. Signs of Five
2. Celebration of a Wounding
3. Every Pillar and Its Crumbling (feat Eugene S. Robinson of Oxbow)
4. Leveling

For more information, visit:

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Big thanks to Matt from Nero Order for sharing this great music! Highly recommended!



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