Aver - Aver [2011]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, July 17, 2011

There are so many great bands out there and I have so little time to listen to all of the good music. First of all I want to apologize to all the bands that I couldn't yet listen to and review these outstanding releases, but I want to change this in the near future.

Today I want to introduce you the Stoner/Psyche/Grunge band called AVER from the beautiful city Sydney, Australia. I was there in 2000 (a long time ago, I know) and I was very impressed about the beautiful location and the cool people - and the members of AVER are no exception. Far from that! First of all the gaudy cover catches my eye. Exotic vegetation, a totem pole, fire, purple fumes and a green moon in the black starry sky - superb! In April AVER finished their complete DIY debut album (self titled), and they can be proud of it.

You can call AVER's music some sort of a bastard child of Stoner Rock, Psychedelic, Space Rock and Grunge and their style is very unique. Rip-roaring and catchy melodies paired with great portion of heaviness are the solid basis for all 8 songs. AVER covers the whole spectrum of psychedelic Stoner Rock - from distorted aggressiveness to moderate and mellow tunes. AVER doesn't bore the listener at all. The sound is great - dynamic, spacy, trippy. AVER tried to do it all right - and these crazy Aussies did all right. AVER has what it takes to achieve great success. Highly recommended!

Track listing
1 Anti-Matter
2 Jacob
3 Acid Rain
4 Real Eyes
5 Retreat To Space
6 Decay
7 Stoneage Wasteland
8 Phantom Limb

Luke: Lunar Fiddle
Jed: Earth Tremors
Chris: Tribal Rhythms
Burdt - Guitar/Vocals


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