Dopethrone - Dark Foil [2011]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, August 1, 2011

The Throne was established in March 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as a completely D.I.Y. project in the very core of Hochelaga. After only 3 weeks of legendary drunkenness and sacred bong worship, Dopethrone already composed 4 songs and was talking about an album concept…
A year later, the new album: DEMONSMOKE was materialized. In the spirit of “Do-It-Yourself”, The Logo and concept was created by Vincent (guitar - vocals), the recording by Thomas (drummer) and the CD was produced by Vyk (bassist)…(

Dark Foil is one of the biggest surprises of 2011 so far and apart from that one of the heaviest albums ever. Dopethrone come from nowhere (in this case nowhere is Montreal) and created with Dark Foil a monster of the heaviest stoner doom sludge metal you can imagine - a brutal bastard of Electric Wizard's Dopethrone (what a surprise!) and Weedeater's God Luck And Good Speed. Other similar artists, which comes to my mind, are Stonehelm, Wizard Smoke and Belzebong.  Every song is a killer and catchy as an ear candy but with an earsplitting massive destructiveness of an atomic bomb.

Dopethrone has members of: Vatican, Blight, Unquintessence, (ex)Excreted Cowboy and (ex)Fatal Flaw.

Borman - Drums
Vincent - Guitar, Vocals
Vyk - Bass

1. Dark Foil
2. Tap Runner
3. Porcelain God
4. Ain't No Sushine
5. Zombi Powder
6. Cosecha De Sangre


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