Bloody Hammers - Spiritual Relics

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, October 20, 2013

Eleven months ago it was one of those great moments in the Doom/Gothic/Heavy Psych genre, when Bloody Hammers from Charlotte, NC, released their self-titled debut album. Bloody Hammers entered the scene out of nowhere and captured everybody's heart, especially of those, who long for a mixture of fuzzy Doom and Heavy Psych with a gothic touch and catchy hooklines and deadly guitar riffs and the icing on the cake were the creepy and ominous synths.

For some inexplicable reason this album has been discussed very controversial in the Doom/Stoner/Psych scene and it has even gone up to strict denial. This album didn't satisfy the usual listening habits, it challenged the listener because it broke with genre limits and especially challenged stereotyped thinking. After the first shock I was infected by this masterpiece. At the end of the year Bloody Hammers' debut entered my top album list of 2012 at number one (Bloody Hammers - s/t, 10/10).

Now Bloody Hammers released their sophomore album 'Spiritual Relics' a few weeks ago and it would be convenient to shoot it down in flames because it doesn't provide something completely new in comparison to their debut. Former critics will not be convinced by the new result but the adoring fans get exactly what they expect. All trademarks are combined to another masterpiece of raspy, fuzzy doom with hooklines, which haunt you even in your nightmares. A powerful and top-notch production, which let most of other bands go green with envy, highlights this awesome album.

There are slight changes to their debut. Bloody Hammers strike a more calm and mellow tone in a few songs, culminated in the final song 'Science Fiction', which is a dyed-in-the-wool ballad. Thumbs up for Bloody Hammers' grit to walk off the beaten path.

All in all this is an awesome masterpiece and I'm totally chuffed. The only thing I'm missing here is the shock effect, which could never be repeated and why the debut exceeds 'Spiritual Relics' (9,5/10).

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  1. Dr.Doom

    Great taste! You just can't go wrong with Captain's list. Our taste is quite close and I am thankful once more you helped me discover a couple of great albums! Respect and happy new year!

  1. Captain Beyond Zen

    Thanks Dr.Doom. I agree that our taste is very similar and it is a great pleasure to discover a few overseen but awesome albums on your top 50 list.

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