Noctum - Final Sacrifice

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The first impression counts. After removing the plastic foil and opening the CD cover the fragrance of the booklet comes to my nose. Wow, this is the best smelling booklet of the year! With this olfactory exaltation I am ready to enjoy Noctum's sophomore album 'Final Sacrifice'.

Noctum was founded in 2009 in Uppsala, Sweden, as Séance. In 2010 they changed their name and released their debut, Séance, heavy influenced by 70's Doom and Proto-Metal in the mould of early Pentagram and Black Sabbath.

Now we are writing the year 2013 and these are the adventures of a spaceship called Noctum. Time and space doesn't matter. Noctum go back and forward in time and blend the pieces of rock history to an unique mix of timeless Classic Rock with a Heavy Metal bias. The songs are very catchy and remind me sometimes of two like-minded Scandinavian bands - Devil and Moonless. 

Metalsucks proclaimed "Are Noctum the Next Ghost?" My answer is: "Definitely not!" The similarity of both bands is limited and Noctum are better!

Often compared with Mercyful Fate I would like to lodge an objection against this comparison. I'm absolutely no Mercyful Fate fan and especially King Diamond's vocals are aweful and nerve-wracking in my opinion. So if you feel the same way and these comparisons prevent you to take a listen of this awesome album - give it a chance now!  David Indelöf's vocals are at a higher pitch than the average of Retro Rock singers, but his vocals are much more pleasant and enjoyable than "his master's voice".

Are you ready for another Doom/Occult Rock band with a strong retro feeling and Heavy Metal approach?Then you may put Noctum's new album 'Final Sacrifice' on your shopping list.

Highly recommended. (9/10)


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