Midryasi - Corridors [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, March 28, 2010

Italy, the land of roman culture, wine and art, azure sky and sea, lekker pasta, the origin of the Renaissance, is not the navel of the world regarding doom and stoner but has produced great bands like Garybaldi, Ufomammut, Death SS, Doomsword and Adramelch. And now, ladies and gentlemen, after five years of perfecting their style and finishing their second CD release Midryasi from Varese, Lombardia, enter the stage again. The trio consisting of Sapappah (Drums), Convulsion (vocals, bass, member of Doomsword), and Paul Paganhate (guitar) crawl out from the dark catacombs into the bright public spotlight. And what can I say - it has been worth the long wait. Midryasi changed their line-up and replaced their guitarist Joe Guanera with Paul Paganhate from My Last Keen and Alea Jacta. Six songs full of creativity and created in an artistically challenging way.

The CD starts with the nine-minute song and here everything is dished up required for ear candy. A rhythm, which drives the song forward, an infectious melody, psychedelic guitar licks, ozzy-esk vocals, progressive fiddling around, rhythm and tempi changes, wafting synthie sounds and a theatralic finale composed by flutes and kraut rock sounds, dog's barking, cat's meows, thunder echoes, chain clacks and the sound of the sea rushing. Sounds wicked? So it is. Midryasi follow suit of their idols Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Hawkwind, creating something of their own. Also in the following songs the achieved quality level up until the fourteen-minute grande finale "Another Hell Within (Space Suite Version)" continues.

Friends of the cultivated madness, grab yourself this masterpiece. Definitely, worth its while.

Track listing:

1. Corridors 08:52
2. Woman of Doom 04:04
3. Steal My Breath 04:02
4. The Cave 04:11
5. Lize 06:33
6. Another Hell Within (Space Suite Version) 14:04



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