Domes of Silence - Hunter S.T. [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, June 20, 2010

The brand new single ‘Hunter S. T.’ from Domes of Silence sees the light of day, a tastemaker for a mini album later in the year. And what can I say, Domes of Silence are masters in writing catchy songs. This is nothing new since their previous single 'Temple of the Wasp' had the same qualities. But please note the new single 'Hunter S. T.' has got more to offer. The sound is brilliant and the music is perfectly balanced between heavy, fuzzy stoner rock and psychedelic garage rock. The rhythm pounds like an old steam-engine and the guitar riffs are sharp like razor blades. The Oxford based five-piece band Domes of Silence releases an energy like a hydroelectric power station - multiple Gigawatts. And the best of the lot is Sean's very powerful and passionate voice, which is fragile and vulnerable at the same time, towers over all. Sean queues into the list of great rock singers like Rob Younger (Radio Birdman), Kim Salmon (The Scientists) and Iggy Pop (The Stooges).

The single starts with the catchy guitar riffs of the mid-tempo song 'Hunter S. T.'. We know that Domes of Silence are fans of mescaline (named their full length album), Sean now reveals that he is a fan of Hunter S. Thompson: "When I'm down, I walk the line, Hunter Thompson in my mind". Darker and more grim the second song 'E. J. M.' crawls out from the speaker boxes but with the same strong ingredients - Sean's majestic voice, the precise drumming like a Swiss clockwork, the booming and ear-piercing bass lines and the heavy stoner guitar riffs with psychedelic and spacey excursions. In the end the third and fastest song 'Nightbus' with its infectious groove doesn’t let you sit still and asks you for the last dance. The song radiates charm with its snotty attitude and is the crowning finale. The cover art is supplied by stoner scene artist Michael Cowell.

The new single was released on iTunes and other digital formats.

Track list:
1/ Hunter.S.T.
2/ E.J.M.
3/ Nightbus

Sean Parkin – voice
Charles Lane – bass
Alex Lane – percussion
Carl Bickley – guitar
Richard Aitken – guitar


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