Sahara Surfers – Spacetrip on a Paper Plane [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sahara Surfers were founded in November 2007 in Schlitters, situated in the lovely Ziller Valley in Austria. Surrounded by the beautiful Zillertal Alps the Sahara Surfers play – nomen est omen - dust-dry Stoner Rock in the style of their idols Kyuss, Lowrider, Astroqueen, Brant Bjork, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Dozer, Colour Haze and Rotor. Their brand mark is the dulcet voice of their female singer Julia. All of the six songs are elaborated down to the last detail, but for all that minimalistic, no music note too many or too less. Additionally the songs are peppered with heavy stoner guitar riffs, far-out melodies and a def rhythm section. The best of all the songs have a flow, sometimes like a ripply mountain stream, sometimes vehement like torrential rapids. In the tradition of Austrian confectioner Sahara Surfers deliver a delicious slice of high quality craftsmanship.

Track listing:
01. Colour Jam (06:12)
02. Propeller (03:27)
03. Age (05:04)
04. 812 (03:44)
05. Sister In Shade (05:04)
06. Gas (08:40)

Band members:
Julia "Joul" Überbacher
Hans-Peter "Aitsch-Pi" Ganner
Andreas "Andi" Knapp
Michael "Steini" Steingress


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