Flat Tires vs. The Asound Split 7'' Single

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, July 11, 2010

The split 7" single is decorated with a very nice cover artwork by Jeff Clayton in the 80's punk style, which I admire. Additionally I love to hold a vinyl disk in my hand and I'm always excited to put it on my old Rega Planar turntable. This ceremony doesn't occur very often but it always happens when I'm remembering my youth and the good old days when the music industry was divided into the evil part of the money-craving major and the rebellious independent labels. Yeah, the good ol' days. All things were black or white (like this cover). My head was full of ideals, the belly full of anger. Nowadays my belly is merely full of anger. Now I wouldn't say no to this split single 7" with its raw and rebellious attitude.

North Carolina is the home of both bands, Flat Tires origin from Hickory and The Asound from Connelly’s Springs, Side A starts with 'G D Woman' from Flat Tires followed by 'Crybaby'. This is garage rock in the tradition of The Sonics, The Stooges, The Lime Spiders and all the legions of 60's originals and 80's reminiscence garage rock bands, which I listened in great profusion 25 years ago. Therefore I'm not objective. Flat Tires achieve to beam me back long ago. Thanks for that. One point I have to mention: please don't take the lyrics too seriously. I don't.

Side B starts with the song 'Joan' from The Asound followed by 'Snow White'. The Asound prefer a slower, darker, noisier and stoner-like sound. These songs are not the straight-forward rock 'n' roll like Flat Tires. The Asound meld their influences as diverse as 70’s hard rock, punk, psychedelia and of course Black Sabbath into a style that is distinctly THE ASOUND. I really enjoy it to listen to these songs, because they offer great potential, but the short total playing time and even more, one of the most irritating attributes of a vinyl record, a scratch in the beginning of the second song, spoils my mood. Nevertheless, this split single is highly recommended for all open minded listeners and collectors of course.


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