Black Space Riders - s/t [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, October 11, 2010

Black Space Riders resurrect the ancient gods! Earthbound: Boots covered with dirt! Heavenly insane: heads up in space! Fuzz guitars meet psychedelic space-echoes, between very slow and very fast, between driving and dragging.

The self-titled debut was recorded and produced during heavy snowfalls and arctic frost in the beginnig of 2010 at "die Tonmeisterei" in Oldenburg, Germany. A full-blown, warm, spacious, open sounding recording with many details and a big love for vintage eqipment resulting in a one-hour trip through black and infinite space. A black book of cosmic salvation with 13 hypnotic, heavy, guitar-driven songs between metal, doom, space, psychedelic, and stoner rock. Space-doom, baby!

Black Space Riders are the high priests of a new sect. Kneel down and bow your knees, disciples! Render homage to these black masters of a doomed world and beg for cosmic salvation! They will answer your prayers and ransom you from obligation and free your mind and soul with celestial music from outer space!

Band members:

JE - vocals, guitars
SLI - guitars, vocals
SAQ - bass, vocals
CRIP - drums, percussion, vocals

Track listing:

01 spacebomb
02 BLACK pt. I: blackspacing
03 BLACK pt. II: space is black
04 stoned bikers in space
05 hide from the spacelight
06 BLACK BOOK OF COSMIC SALVATION pt. I: a short mess(i)age from the black space rider
07 BLACK BOOK OF COSMIC SALVATION pt. II: I, black space messiah
08 voodoo spaceship
09 ride on, black space rider
10 lonely space trucking man
11 SPACE TRILOGY pt. I: black is the colour of space
12 SPACE TRILOGY pt. II: about life in space (thoughts of a reflectice robot)
13 SPACE TRILOGY pt. III: space collision

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