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Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, October 25, 2010

Today I want to introduce the great new music label Ripple Music. The Ripple boys did an awesome job in founding this small but potent music label and releasing fine music. Step by step Todd Severin and John Rancik increased their "music empire".

Ripple Music is an indie record label simply create by two music fans for music fans.
In late 2007, Todd Severin and John Rancik began a music review blog called The Ripple Effect with the sole idea of reviewing music that was included within their personal collections. The two long time friends had no illusions of fame or fortune with this little endeavor, it was purely meant to share music with one another, and with anyone who was willing to take the time to read the sometimes nonsensical ramblings of music. The unexpected happened and the blog soon became widely popular.

Within a year and with the aid of modern technology, plus a not-so-subtle kick in the pants from a friend, the two writers launched The Ripple Effect Radio Show through BlogTalkRadio. Again, this endeavor became a fan favorite as Severin and Rancik exhibited a natural sense of each others’ mannerisms, and provided a forum for education and entertainment in the form of music. Over the course of two years, the radio show has featured guests of the like of Fee Waybill of The Tubes, Cy Curnin of The Fixx, and Marky Ramone of The Ramones, and has been rated as one of the featured shows on BlogTalkRadio since the beginning of their run.
In the summer of 2009, the two self professed music geeks, officially formed Ripple Music as a way to fulfill their dreams of working with the music that they loved so much. Severin, an ophthalmologist in Northern California, and Rancik, a recently laid off sales consultant in Southern California, wanted this label to be different than the traditional industry model. They wanted to provide music with refreshing elements of soul, and integrity, and a hearty groove, and a natural honesty, music that transcends tomorrow’s trends, that lasts and engrains itself into the listeners being, becoming a part of day to day life. Music that becomes an instant friend and a recognizable face during good times and bad.


With the first acts signing at the tail end of 2009, Ripple Music’s roster has grown to eight acts, and in late June of 2010, the label released their first project in JPT Scare Band’s Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden on vinyl, CD, and digital formats. Two weeks later, the label released Trails Out of Gloom from the Vancouver-based Fen and You Can’t argue With Water from Bay Area singer/songwriter, Kevin Beadles. By summer’s end, Ripple Music’s catalog of releases will also feature the re-issue of Poobah’s 1972 heavy rock classic Let Me In, Modern Day Moonshine’s Refuge, and the re-release of the self-titled debut from Stone Axe on vinyl and deluxe CD packages. Rounding out the label’s acts are the modern melodic rockers from Santa Barbara, California, Tripdavon, and the doom-y metal soundings of Scotland’s Iron Claw. 2011 already looks to be a phenomenally busy year!

From there, the progression only seemed natural that the two friends start a record label. A couple of bands had submitted material with no intention of releasing it themselves, and told the Ripple boys to do what they would with it. After some soul searching and seemingly endless hours of research, Severin and Rancik formed Ripple Music, LLC and Ripple Songs, LLC, essentially putting their money where their mouths are and are effectively releasing the music that they love. Currently, Ripple Music is focused on guitar-based rock and the roster of eight artists range from obscure cult rockers to modern progressive hard rock.



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