Lo-Pan - Sasquanaut (Remixed & Remastered) [2011]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, October 31, 2010

Born out of a combination of dirty rock and roll, stale beer and an unhealthy obsession with "Big Trouble In Little China," Columbus's Lo-Pan have been tearing up the club circuit since 2005. Lo-Pan released two albums, their debut 'Lo-Pan' in 2006 and the sophomore album 'Sasquanaut', which was originally released by Nice Life Records in 2009. Back then I was stoked on this stoner metal masterpiece and put it on my top 40 albums of 2009 and ranked it #11.

And I'm stoked again. Small Stone Recordings will re-release 'Sasquanaut' January 2011, which has been completely remixed by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios in Massachusetts and remastered by Chris Goosman. These guys did a tremendous job. Now the sound is clear, powerful, and as dry as a dead dingo's donger. The new production brings every detail to light and emphasizes the Lo-Pan's huge potential. Lo-Pan's dark, dirty, loud and psychedelic stoner metal has now a warm, deep, dynamic and more natural sound, which fits like a glove.

I don't know why they changed the cover artwork of 'Sasquanaut'. I like the "old" cover very much. Sure, the new one is also very nice and goes with Lo-Pan's music: Aggressive with the shear forces of a rocket engine! Highly recommended!

There is a hidden world where ancient evil weaves a modern mystery. A world filled with the darkest magic's where all movement is caused by tensions between positive and negative furies. A world in which the furies, when out of balance, turn into demon and live forever. A creature of fast dark destructive power. Repulsive and evil existing only to plague the living as they do with LO-PAN, who is cursed. Cursed with rock and roll genius.

Lo-Pan is:
Brian Fristoe: guitar
JBartz: drums
Jeff Martin: vocals
Skot Thompson: bass

Track listing:
01. Dragline
02. Savage Henry
03. Kurtz
04. Callahan
05. Kramer
06. Vega
07. Vego
08. Wade Garrett


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