Crank County Daredevils - S/T [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, November 1, 2010

Hailing from the sleazy southern hills of Asheville, North Carolina, the Crank County Daredevils can best be described as the bastard child of Motörhead and early Guns N' Roses. Their distinctive sound of boot stomping southern sleaze rock 'n' roll will leave you begging for more. After several national tours and a few trips across the pond to Europe the fellas in Crank County Daredevils have honed in their rip roaring road show and proven that they are the loudest bunch of gypsies to ever take the stage.

Welcome to North Carolina! The south is going to rise again, indeed, 'cause Scotty P. and the fellas released the third chapter of the Crank County Daredevils on Rusty Knuckles. Their sound can be best described as southern sleaze rock in XXL format. This packaging of ten songs is sure to be the elixir you have been waiting for to tear you up again. The brainchild of singer Scotty P. and bassist Billy Velvet, the CRANK COUNTY DAREDEVILS were reinvented with the addition of formidable guitarist Rory Kelly and the hardcore precision of drummer Mike Irwin.

With influences ranging from punk to New York Dolls-era glam to metal, Crank County Daredevils third album is a roaring rock 'n' roll machine, which shows no mercy and takes no prisoners. Crank County Daredevils fire a broadside of the best and hardest southern sleaze rock ever heard. Scalding hot lava regorges to the audience until the ears bleed. Razor-sharp guitar riffs combined with whiskey polished vocals, blistering and mesmerizing rhythms drives the listener to delirium. Always at full throttle and fun at the brink of mania. Crank County Daredevils boost your adrenaline surge. This southern sleaze masterpiece is a catharsis for your tormented soul. Let it happen resistless and abandon yourself to the purgatory of these 10 songs as hot as hell!

Crank County Daredevils are:
Scotty P. - Vocals/Guitars
Rory Kelly - Lead Guitar
Billy Velvet - Bass
Mike Irwin - Drums

Track listing:
1. Life Under The Blade
2. Fall Down
3. Tearing Me Up Again
4. It’s Calling Me
5. Engines Revin’
6. Last Dance
7. Lies
8. Back In The Motor City
9. Comming Down (It’s Such A Bitch)
10. Fight


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    Great band CCD Kick!!!

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