Hypnos 69 - Legacy [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, November 14, 2010

The German label Elektrohash did it again and they hit bull’s eye. Under Stefan Koglek’s leadership, mastermind, singer and guitarist of the legendary stoner/psychedelic rock band Colour Haze, Elektrohash is the damn best stuff to blast your mind into the endless universe and back. Hypnos 69 are four Belgians and with ‘Legacy’ they created a mind-expanding masterpiece. ‘Legacy’ makes you happy because it was made by happy people. After listening to these transcendental tunes you walk around with a permanent smile in your face. You get over the gravity and float like a feather.  

Hypnos 69 mixes a musical cocktail, which achieves perfection. The sound is so warm and pleasant like the sunbeams in the spring after a long cold winter. The equipment is 100 % vintage and Hypnos 69 doesn’t hesitate to expand their opulent equipment with synths, Hammond organs, flutes, saxophones, and other wind instruments but for all that the guitars are the primary instrument. Awesome guitar solos fill the room and you wish that this journey will never end. After 72 minutes the music stops but in your mind the music lingers on.

Hypnos 69 plays psychedelic prog rock in the tradition of King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Causa Sui, and Siena Root but ‘Legacy’ is more. They put elements of space rock and jazz into their music and create something totally new, even if it sounds familiar. ‘Legacy’ is a timeless masterpiece!

Track listing:

01. Requiem (For A Dying Creed)
     I - Within This Spell
     II - Visions/Within this Spell (Reprise)
     III - A Requiem For You
02. An Aerial Architect
03. My Journey To The Stars
04. The Sad Destiny We Lament
05. The Empty Hourglass
06. Jerusalem
07. The Great Work:
     I - Nigredo
     II - Albedo
     III - Citrinitas
     IV - Rubedo

Band members:

Steve Houtmeyers: vocals, guitars, theremin
Tom Vanlaer: bass, bariton guitar, Moog Taurus
Steven Marx: saxophone, mellotron, Rhodes, Hammond
Dave Houtmeyers: drums, percussion, glockenspiel


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