is Down Forever!

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Friday, December 3, 2010

Dan and Melanie posted the following statement today: R.I.P.

December 15, 1999 - November 29, 2010
On November 29th, 2010 the website was suddenly sucked into the void. We did everything we could do, but it was not possible to save it.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the community supporters, forums administrators and content contributors. You can give yourselves a high five for keeping online for an extra year. Thank you!

We are not revealing any details about what happened because we don't want to give the perpetrators any satisfaction or notoriety.

From now on we will be 100% devoted to our other websites, All That is Heavy and MeteorCity. We hope that you will continue to support us in our continued efforts to bring the rock to the people.

This is our final statement with regards to and this very difficult situation. Our heads are spinning. We are devastated.

Sincerely and regretfully,
Dan & Melanie

What a sad day for the stoner/doom community! is down forever! I just can't believe it! I'm devastated. How could that happen? The centre of the stoner/doom/sludge universe for 11 years dissolved into nothing! What a pity! I'm sad to see in ashes, but proud to be part of the site as a contributor for the last nine months. Many thanks to Dan and Melanie for this opportunity. The time we shared together was too short but for all that I enjoyed it.  Now the crestfallen community shouldn't fall apart! This is a big challenge for remaining sites such as The Obelisk, Heavy Planet, The Ripple Effect, The Soda Shop, Doommantia and Captain Beyond Zen among many others to keep waving the flag for stoner/doom/sludge/drone/psych music.

Peace☮, love♥ and fuzz


  1. Anonymous

    I think we need to act quickly and create a hub for the community. It won't be, but that may not be a bad thing, it just won't have the history. I think we can make it stronger.

  1. Captain

    Hi Jake, good idea! It needs careful consideration and a lot of perseverance. It is something which could die or fly very quickly! I read in Facebook, that Ed from Doommantia wants to host the website.

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