Digable Nuggets: Threefold Law in a Twin Pack

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Thursday, January 6, 2011

With a desire to satisfy a craving beyond mainstream rock, Threefold Law began in Cleveland, Ohio in 2006. Threefold Law pays homage to Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Trouble, Pentagram, Cathedral, and Down. Their debut is a unique release. Instead of one album Threefold Law released two EPs, The Burning Time and The Rede (also available separately) include two videos, an interview and a live shot of the song “Kingdom on Earth”, on a USB stick.

Threefold Law's music electrifies me with dark, crispy old school doom metal. These musicians do not only know their stuff but they also have a knack for ingenious riffs and spaced out guitar solos. The two EPs are full of memorable songs and catchy tunes, which gush out of the speaker boxes like hot semiliquid lava flow. The song "The Burning Time" is the highlight on the eponymous EP. The hypnotic bass line and the spacy guitar solos let you drift away into an hyperplane at infinity. This song is nine minutes of pure magic and I can hardly get enough. The other songs don't fall short to this masterpiece and so the whole thing is a nice piece of work including the awe-inspiring cover. Threefold Law honors the pioneers of doom while spinning a unique tale of darkness and despair.

Threefold Law's innovative approach to releasing music, such as MMX, redefines what it means to be a heavy band in the 21st century. They continue to play across Northeast Ohio while beginning production of a new project due to release in early 2011.

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