Ice Dragon - The Burl The Earth The Aether [2010]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brothers and Sisters! I want everyone to kick up some noise! Brothers and Sisters, the time has come for each and every one of you to decide. You must choose Brothers, you must choose! It takes five seconds, five seconds of decision, five seconds to realize your purpose here on the planet! It takes five seconds to realize that it's time to move, it's time to get down with it! Brothers, it's time to testify and I want to know, are you ready to testify? Are you ready? I give you a testimonial:
The no. 1 of my top 40 albums of 2010 - ICE DRAGON's "The Burl The Earth The Aether"!

Ice Dragon from Boston, Massachusetts, released with "The Burl, The Earth, The Aether" a nearly perfect album for all fanatical fans of Electric Witard's Dopethrone and Black Sabbath's eponymous debut - an awe-inspiring hybrid of dark doom metal and 70's epic metal/space rock. The songs are HEAVY as F.U.C.K. Once they schlep drudgingly ahead like a sluggish bulldozer and other times they sound more like a starting rocket at Cape Canaveral.

Each song is a masterpiece and it starts with the unforgettable guitar riff of "Squares Inside Squares", boisterous and booming, until the vocals start like sirens. The lead guitar meanders around the melody like a poisonous snake around its victim. Drums, bass, synths and sound effects create a wall of sound with an infernal loudness. The second song "Spellpouch" starts with acoustic guitars, bass and voice, moanful and mulish. The calm parts are relaxed with flutes, jazzy, psychedelic bass and guitar solos and alternating loud parts. "Meddoe" starts calmly and full of cosmic transcendency, floating like a feather with a voice of a summoning spell. "Hexagon Riders" is Ice Dragon's hit, which lets you bop along with its irresistible rhythm and spheric sounds. "Hexagon riders doom patrol riding straight into your soul hooves crushing your head i can't help but think of you dead eating the hearts of the old destroying the dreams of the young". Unbelievable and mind-blowing! On the brick of despair with "The Watcher", dark and creepy feed-back noise. "There really are no answers, because there are no questions we create them in our mind through superfluous reflection leagues of men crushed into dust all great planets collapse and rust". "Alunacard" is an aggressive, noisy tough bulky nugget. "Winged Prophet" is a calm love song with its acoustic guitars and dreamy voice. "You are the chosen one you must show them how to live just use the love in your heart it is your greatest gift to give". What can I say about the final song "Aquageddon"? I'm unworthy to allude to this song. My mind is too small to comprehend it. Therefore I stand there humble and muted.

You want doom metal, psychedelic, progressive space rock without compromises? You want it all and you want it now? Why do you hesitate to download the best album of 2010 on Ice Dragon's bandcamp site and name your prize! Since I discovered Danava no other band has captivated me like Ice Dragon!

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  1. The Klepto

    Great band, creepy music video

  1. Farf

    I had the pleasure of seeing Ice Dragon live, and their live shows are just as booming, thunderous and psychedelic as their recordings!

  1. Captain

    I can hardly wait to see them live!

  1. Anonymous

    Ice Dragon is one of my favorites........You will become unaware of you surroundings while letting your hair down in front of your eyes, melodically swaying your head from front to back as if you part of a cosmic stellar doom chanting circle.....

  1. Ed

    Really good call on this album. Great band.

  1. Romilar

    just discovered some weeks ago on bandcamp and I was stuck! amazing band, hope they find a label soon!

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