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Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, January 31, 2011


New York, NY – January 1, 2011 – The mighty Lord God Ox, may He be exalted, created the universe. In order to spread the truths of the Ox-gospel and honor the Lord’s power, five high priests of the Church of Ox have created Abyssal Gigantism, now available for download exclusively through iTunes.

Based in New York, home to the most wicked of sinners, the high priests recently completed several crusades throughout the northeast and New York City’s boroughs. Collectively referred to as God Ox by their devout followers, the high priests enable the Lord to manifest through live sludge metal performances. God Ox has digitally released their first album in order to better reach distant followers, particularly those who face bigotry when worshiping publicly in intolerant and defamatory communities.

By downloading Abyssal Gigantism, listeners will join a momentous period in the history of the Church of Ox. Never before have the high priests been able to directly engage so many followers in preparation for their Judgement. Your action will please Lord God Ox, may He be exalted, by acknowledging the significant accomplishment in recording and distributing this album, which is also available for purchase in person at God Ox performances and rituals. (press release)

Abyssal Gigantism is an Auditory Essentials release. Additional information, like how to book God Ox and history on the Church of Ox, can be found on facebook or myspace. The album is available for download exclusively at itunes.apple.com/us/album/abyssal-giganism/id395303588.

About God Ox
There is one God and He is an Ox. The souls of the five original Oxchetypes have been reincarnated into human forms as high priests of the Church of Ox. Collectively, these five are known as God Ox. They have been given divine inspiration and sonic thunderousness to forge music in praise of Lord God Ox, may He be exalted, and to preach His commandments to the heathen unbelievers. www.myspace.com/godoxdoom

About Auditory Essentials
Led by Quentin Regos, Auditory Essentials is a state-of-the-art musician representation and branding studio in a national network of cultural branding and production firms. We establish visual identities for sound, with a specific aim to create rock experiences that are astonishingly deep and emotionally authentic.


In search for new challenges I would be pleased to announce you an “Abyssal Gigantism”, which is celebrated by five high priests of God Ox. In a bloody slaughter they sacrifice everything which is holy for us. On the altar of madness the old gods Down, Pantera, Black Sabbath, EyeHateGod, Weedeater Soundgarden, Mastodon and Black Sabbath are offered to the one and only God Ox.

In an epic atmosphere the weird ritual is subdivided into six parts, “Benevolent Severity”, “Ox Flu Zombie Apocalypse”, “Eriugena”, "Pestilent Dogmata”, “Priest Infection” and “The Ontological Argument For The Existence Of Lord God”. Dazed and confused by irresistible rhythms the will-less audience worships the manifestation of psalms of an unholy revelation and headbangs nearly to the death.

The monster riffs climb up and calm down like the waves of a tsunami and culminate in a trance-like state of religious ecstasy. Monumental sounds are the essential drug and ultimately the catharsis of this obscure cult.

The cult fantasy of God Ox continues on the sludgy road to doom. AWESOME!

God Ox is a five-piece US band from New York. Members, aka the “high priests of the Church of Ox” call themselves as Myth Ox, Beast Ox, War Ox, Frost Ox and Axe Ox aka Captain Riffwright.


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