Tombstones - Volume II

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Thursday, February 3, 2011

One of Norway’s heaviest bands, Tombstones, is a three-piece band from Oslo, and they play stoner doom. The band has played together for over 6 years and has an extensive number of concerts behind them. They have shared stages with Nebula, SUMA, Witchcraft and many more. While Norway is known more for black metal than for their stoner/doom scene, Tombstones are the spearhead of a lively stoner/doom scene together with Sahg and Honcho. It looks like the seeds sprout, which was sowed by heavy rock bands like Gluecifer, WE, Turbonegro from Oslo and Motorpsycho from Trondheim in the 90's. Now we are in the 10's of a new millenium and the dawn of a new era of great heavy music in Norway arises.

Volume II” was released in 2010 on Swedish Transubstans Records. Star producer Billy Anderson, best known from his work with Melvins and Cathedral, and Audun Strype made a good job of it. The album is recorded live and analog and the excellent production is a big plus of this album. Another plus is the outstanding musicianship. The guitars are down-tuned and distorted like Kyuss in their best days, the vocals are energetic and bluesy, the sound is crushingly massive and the rhythm section is a grooving monster.

At last the only thing left to say, Tombstones did a fantastic job!

Band members:
Bjørn-Viggo Godtland (guitar, vocals)
Ole Christian Helstad (bass)
Jørn Inge Woldmo (drums)

Track List:
01:Hellfire (5:48)
02:Distorted Visons (4:46)
03:Whisperer In Darkness (5:10)
04:Further Down The Abyss (5:16)
05:Realms Of Oblivion (4:17)
06:Eye Of The Universe (3:05)
07:The Source (3:54)
08:Wheels Turn (4:01)
09:Supernoid (9:24)



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