Iron Claw - A Different Game [2011]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, July 24, 2011

"The first new music from Scotland's Iron Claw in over forty years, A Different Game finds the band approaching their brand of melodic heavy rock from the only perspective they've ever known...with honesty and integrity. Recorded live with few overdubs, this new album captures a raw veteran band playing with the exuberance and gusto of a band half their age, and geared up to turn a whole new generation of rock fan onto their guitar-driven, gritty blues-tinged sound. Final mix and mastering work was performed by classic rock preservationist, Tony Reed (Stone Axe/ Mos Generator).

From 1969 to 1974 Scottish Heavy Rock band Iron Claw plowed across the UK, blasting out relentlessly heavy doom-laden, heavy blues rock. In and out of the recording studios, the band never officially released an album, but the bulk of the their recorded output finally saw the light of day in 2009, released as a self-titled CD by Rockadrome. 35 years had passed since their last recording, but it was as if time had stood still. 2009 found a hungry audience, salivating at the heavy riffs and earthshaking rock that was Iron Claw. Stunned by the overwhelming response, the lads of Iron Claw started talking and soon, the band had reformed to work on new material. The buzz began to build.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, John and Todd of the Ripple Effect were formulating plans of their own. A record label was in the works to unleash the underground/authentic rock sounds that they'd spent the previous four years championing with their fan-favorite music site, The Ripple Effect. Since The Ripple Effect had pounced all over the Rockadrome Iron Claw album, an email from the band was sent to The Ripple Effect informing them of the plans to reform.

Wheels were set in motion.

Within weeks of Iron Claw's email, the band and Ripple Music found themselves in perfect musical kismet. A recording and publishing contract were signed. Iron Claw was officially part of a dynamic new indie rock label and Ripple Music had an underground legend on their roster. Together, they'd unleash new heaviness upon the world.

Local musician Gordon Brown (vocals) joined the three original founding members of the band; Ian McDougall (drums), Jimmy Ronnie (guitar) and Alex Wilson (bass), with the intention of creating an album of raw, unfettered heavy rock; not over-produced but faithful in all regards to the original spirit of the band. Instantly, it all came together. 40 years had passed since they'd last played together, but time meant nothing. It was like putting on an old pair of shoes. No need to break them in, immediately comfortable. The music was vibrant and alive. Iron Claw had been reborn.

Now, Ripple Music and Iron Claw are prepared to open the cage and release A Different Game onto an unsuspecting world. 13 tracks of riff-mad, blues driven rock. Some of the songs have their beginnings in songs written as far back as 1969. Some had been part of the band's live set in the 1970's. Some were bits of other projects. As a whole, they represent the best Iron Claw has to offer and a sound legions of heavy blues fans have been salivating for. Rough and ready rock 'n' roll."

Wow, I believe in wonders. Now I'm totally convinced. This story makes me happy and confident that it is never too late in life to live your dreams. I wish Iron Claw all the success they've missed the last 40 years. Iron Claw's masterpiece A Different Game is along with Stone Axe II the best classic rock release in the last 10 years.

For fans of: Bad Co., Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Free, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Paul Rodgers, Ian Gillian

Ian McDougall - Drums
Gordon Brown - Vocals
Alex Wilson - Bass
Jimmy Ronnie - Guitars

What Love Left
The Traveler
A Different Game
Angel Woman
Southern Skies
Falling Down
It's Easy
My Way Down
Love Is Blind
See Them Fall
Closing In

Release: October 4th, 2011
Style: Blues-based Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Melodic Rock



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