Oyabun - Gods And Dogs [2011]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, July 24, 2011

"OYABUN was born in 2006, in Bordeaux, but then, Mother of Pearl was its name. It remained such until early 2010, when one of its founding members left. Meanwhile, they’ve recorded a first demo (5 songs, on 8 tracks, in less than 7 hours), in 2007, which was welcomed by many critics, and played numerous gigs - the highlight being our opening for The Lords of Altamont in 2008. A new release was planned for that same year, but they unfortunately had to postpone its recording to 2010 due to successive line up changes. GODS & DOGS was released February 2011 (this time, under the name of OYABUN) by the catalan label Discos Macarras. OYABUN recently won the french edition of the Volcom Band Joust, on which occasion they had the great pleasure to share a stage with Orange Goblin. At the moment, OYABUN is working on new material for the next record which should be entitled Zero Zen." (Oyabun's MySpace site)

One of my favourite albums in 2011 has been released by the obscure band OYABUN. Their masterpiece Gods And Dogs can be described as heavy psych stoner doom 70's hard rock. All songs on Gods And Dogs are melodically and technically fully matured like superior quality well hung meat. The grandiose guitar solos, the majestic vocals, the fuzzy and raw sound and the superb rhythm section are a feast for the ears of every music gourmet. France expands their widely recognized reputation for fine food into the field of fine rock music. These four French guys serve haute cuisine for your ears. Bon appétit.

Current line up:
Fabrice Dercourt : vocals
Olivier Blanc : guitar
Joël Riffard : bass
Boris Senon : drums

1. Brontosaurus Blues
2. Guilt
3. Fahrenheit
4. Back to Full Color Mode
5. Holy Shit
6. Time to Say Goodnight
7. Rock 'n' Roll Stage


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