Uncle Acid and the deadbeats - Blood Lust [2011]

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Monday, July 25, 2011

The year in music is getting more and more obscure - and better, too. The climax of obscurity has been reached by a band called Uncle Acid and the deadbeats. This 70's Lo-fi witchy horror doom album Blood Lust is starring Uncle Acid, Kat and Red. Don't take it seriously. This is entertaining you like a horror B-movie. Every song is a hit and after the last tune is faded away you push the repeat button will-lessly like a zombie in the night of the living dead. You cannot escape from the army of darkness called Uncle Acid and the deadbeats, and you will walk with the zombie until Blood Lust has infected you. Blood Lust is like the kiss of a vampire - tempting, but fatally. Nearly perfect. Maximum on an open-ended scale!

One mans lust for women's blood turns into a drug orgy of torture, magick and MURDER. Critics have described the work as "Vile, hateful trash". File under B MOVIE, BETAMAX HORROR, LOW BUDGET, SEXPLOITATION, DOLLAR THEATER etc.

The songs on this audio recording disc are as follows:

1. I'll Cut You Down
2. Death's Door
3. Over And Over Again
4. Curse In The Trees
5. I'm Here To Kill You
6. 13 Candles
7. Ritual Knife
8. Withered Hand Of Evil
+ 1 bonus track


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