Tombstones - Red Skies and Dead Eyes

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Thursday, November 21, 2013

The night wind howls over the barren land. The black moon shines from a pitch-black sky and baths the shadows in eerie light. A lonely guitar riff and drums like a thundering echo abandon the silence severely.

This is barely worded how Tombstones' 'Red Skies and Dead Eyes' starts and this dark mood pervades the whole album and it is one of the biggest merit of it. The monotone riffing of the extremely downtuned guitar have an hypnotic effect to the listener.

Minimalistic and boiled down to an essence, bare of all embellishment. No bells and whistles. Tombstones showcase the pure chakra. Stoner doom stripped-down to the essentials celebrated as a magic ritual. This is not merely entertainment but rather therapy, which pursues a purpose - to relieve you of stress and burden.

Three years ago I reviewed Tombstones' second album 'II' and I qualified them as Norway’s heaviest band. This statement is still valid. Tombstones is a three-piece band from Oslo and has played together for over 8 years with an extensive number of concerts behind them. The long-standing stage experience proves advantageous in 'Red Skies and Dead Eyes' and Tombstones may now reap the fruit of their labour.

Tombstones outstand with their heaviness and 'Red Skies and Dead Eyes' crushes you like some huge juggernaut. I want to push the repeat button over and over again - isn't that the sweetest praise a reviewer can give? (8,5/10)


  1. Doomkeks

    Wooow, this is fucking evil darkness!
    Less singing would be good :/

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