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The FEIERWERK Sunny Red venue in Munich is one of these small fucked up dumps where the total underground rules - a paradise for students and intellectuals to meet like-minded people in an elitist circle, in other words a place where you can feel safe from and superior towards the ignorant species. That was exactly my experience.

My wife and I were very German-like punctual and already arrived at 8 o'clock. Only four visitors there - including ourselves. The concert was supposed to start at 8:30 PM and we made ourselves comfy on one of those many still empty worn out benches in the backrow, which means five steps away from the stage. I was able to test my camera with difficult lighting conditions already, as the room was lit very sparsely.

Unfortunately the lighting did not get any better during the concert - but it's not like we are not familiar with this particular characteristic of such venues. Slowly but surely more spectators came in in drips and drabs in order to shoot that few piccies for the memorabilia box (Facebook?). The first moment of excitement arose when Justin Maranga suddenly appeared around the corner out of the dark.

The musicians Sam James Velde (vocals), Justin Maranga (guitar), Greg Buensuceso (guitar), Nonstop Nick D'Itri (bass) and Jamie Miller (drums) filled up the stage little by little. After a brisk soundcheck, NIGHT HORSE jammed away like a house on fire and rocked the house. Only barely after a few split seconds the long hair strands was energetically thrown around the room and the crowd turned into a headbanging orgy.

NIGHT HORSE's music has its origin deep in the '70s heavy rock. They "come across as the bastard nephew of Black Sabbath and Mountain on a drinkin' binge with their evil stepchild Kyuss" (Allan Grusie).

Sam James Velde, a former Bluebird member, is a a true rock front man through and through with all the gestures and poses. With twin guitars NIGTH HORSE is an ass-kicking riff machine with a great southern hard rockin' blues component. One of the many hightlights was the song 'Shine On Me'. This is a song you can have a look at below. Great concert, great band!

During the break I paid the merchandizing table a short visit and returned with an ANCESTORS T-shirt. Finally, the members of ANCESTORS, Justin Maranga (guitar, vocals), Nick Long (bass guitar, vocals), Brandon Pierce (drums, gong), Chico Foley (electronics, keys, vocals) and Jason Watkins (organ, piano, vocals) entered the stage without any great introductions and played away.

They hit of with the tunes of the song 'The Trial'. Seventeen minutes of cosmic beauty and dissociation. The next song was not less magical then 'The Ambrose law'. The musicians created a lot of excitement and took the watching crowd into another time and space.

Another hightlight was the song 'Bounty of Age' and need I say more? This band's music speaks for itself. Check out the videos here. Awesome concert. Grab the opportunity to see ANCESTORS live whenever and wherever you can. In missing it, you would be sorry.


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