EYEHATEGOD w/ KYLESA Live in Karlsruhe

Posted by Captain Beyond Zen on Sunday, April 25, 2010

It was one of my biggest disappointments this year to miss YOB at Substage in Karlsruhe on 21st April. Due to a traffic jam I missed Totimoshi, Dark Castle and which was far worse, YOB.

As if it was not enough, the YOB T-Shirts with the awesome black motif were sold out. But however first things first. The line-up for the concert on 21st April at the Substage in Karlsruhe, including EyeHateGod, Shrinebuilder, Kylesa, Sourvein and Dark Castle, was unbelievable and promised the hightlight of the year, but it came differently. Unfortunately the volcano eruption of Eyjafjallajökull cropped up. Shrinebuilder had already cancelled their gig at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, because of that and so it was certain that they are not going to perform in Karlsruhe. Dito for Sourvein, which also had to cancel.

Thus I kept track of news reports of who was going to replace them. My disappointment about Shrinebuilder's cancellation could have been soothed by the fact that YOB was going to perform instead, which released an awesome album with 'The Great Cessation' in 2009, of which live performance I was excited about. I had to work on that day and when I finally left work to go to the concert I ended up in very pesky traffic jam. I saw the time slipping away minute by minute and all hope that I would be able to see YOB live. My worst fear became reality when I finally arrived at the venue and just heared the last riff being played by YOB. What a bummer! Such bad luck!

Well then, left were Kylesa, which reached rank 4 with their last album 'Static Tensions' at Stonerrock.com's Top 29 albums of 2009. And left over was the Sludge legend EyeHatGod. After a short break, Kylesa entered the stage. A furious thunder of noise evolved. My bad mood just seem to become better and I made my way to the stage, where the moshpit was raving and stagediving.

What a great vibe and I wanted to make a few pics and stepped into the area reserved for the press. But suddenly a security guard told me to make like a tree and leave. Ok, I toddled off. I tried anyway to make the best out of the crappy pics I made.

After this bummer I split and went to the last row and recorded a couple of video clips, which you could admire here. All in all I only really got to experience the Kylesa concert. They at least helped to soothe my big disappointment.

Finally the Sludge pioneers EyeHateGod from New Orleans entered the stage. The legend lives! An obviously high spirited Mike Williams snotted around like Johnny Rotten in his best days. "Karlsruhe, meine Freunde" he greeted the audience. In order to warm himself up he banged the microphone against his head repeatedly, which seemed quite funny. Jimmy Bower interluded 'Sweet home Alabama' and a few Country tunes. Often the old chaps had to take a break in between to recover as they were not in the best physical condition. Nevertheless it was still a special experience to see the living Sludge Metal legend live on stage!


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